After an Air Canada flight was diverted to HNL due to injuries from unforeseen turbulence, passengers had to wait in long lines to receive their accommodations.

The airline says there were 269 passengers on board, and 15 crew members -- 37 people in total were injured. The airline says they are accommodating passengers with meals and hotels, but the line to receive those accommodations was a bit of a headache.

"Since we've been here, we have no idea what's going on to be honest. We've been standing in line for about two hours," said Evan Brown, an Air Canada passenger. "We have no idea if an accommodation is being booked for us, if the flight is coming back, if the air flight crew is going to come from Vancouver, we have no idea."

There were many people in line, with only two employees at the Air Canada desk. It took about 30 minutes per person on average to help each passenger.

"We don't know what the process is. We don't have a phone number to call, we don't have SIM cards, we don't have credit. We don't really know what's traveled by insurance and what's not," said Brown.

People say they are upset after the flight they went through.

"I'm particularly concerned about the families with little kids. There are really little kids who have limited patience, but there are also older people in line and who knows, also people with some conditions that travel may be okay for them, but not standing in long queues for an unlimited time," Air Canada passenger, Lesley Bond said.