Sunday at Pearl City High School New England Patriot Michael Bennett hosted his 7th annual youth football camp free of charge.

"When you're in school just be different. Don't try to follow anyone that is doing anything wrong. If you see someone that is doing something wrong tell them to do it right. If you see a person that doesn't have a friend, step up, ask them do you need any help," Bennett said while addressing the campers. 

KITV4 Island sports reporter Cody Kurpp asked Bennett if he remembers any of the kids that have come to this camp multiple years.

"I see them all the time. They look big. I see them growing, some of them are in high school now college. Being able to make an impact on people is something I've always wanted to do," Bennett replied.

Cody asked 49ers Pro Bowler DeForest Buckner if he reflected back to when he was a little kid while coaching the camp.

"Most definitely, when we were growing up we never had camps like this. Never had camps like this, free, getting to meet NFL guys and everything like that. I would have been star struck back in the day if I was able to come to something like this. It helps, changes some of the kids perspectives on what they want to do with their own life," Buckner replied.