After the UH baseball season wrapped up, it was time to pack up. For those that will be back in 2020 like Alex Baeza and Daylen Calicdan it was off to their new summer home for baseball. 2,780 miles away from Les Murakami Stadium to the last frontier embracing the change of lifestyle as roommates in Alaska with fellow Rainbow Warrior Logan Pouelson set to join the duo. 

"Just the trees and water around. I wouldn't say it's the same as Hawaii but it's pretty close. I like it out here. It's really different. I knew the sun wouldn't go down but like tonight it's the 2nd time we have a 10pm start time. We're starting a game at 10pm at night finish around 1am. Suns still out and everyone is kind of confused with what to do next, we just kind of go to bed. Baseball wise it reminds me a lot of school cause the fans are behind you a lot. They know everything about you. They know where you're from. Everyone about you, your whole back story," Alex Baeza said. 

"Way way better then I expected.Kind of gives me a feeling of Hawaii a little bit. I would be lieing if I said I didn't get a lot of questions. I even got a thing going with one our catchers, a little Hawaii word of the day. Awesome that they embrace it and just accept it," Daylen Calicdan said.