Not playing for trophies or bragging rights about how about $100K? That's what's on the line between two local rugby clubs as July 17th Kahuku and Kahului will take the field for matches that could drastically change the future of their programs. 

Two matches, one for the girls and one for the boys each separately worth $50K.

"A lot of money coming for small communities like Kahuku and Aiea. It can really do a lot, not just for us but the future,"

"We're not really some big fancy club that has a lot of funding you know?" Lotu Pulu of Kahului Rugby Club said.

For Kahului the money would go for things that they immediately need.

"We would be able to get the proper equipment that we need, our post that we have on our field right now it's held by duck tape, nails, and 2x4s," Pulu said.

For Kahuku Rugby it is for what is immediately coming up. The national championships in Utah and last year the girls came back as champions. It's about $25K to get there, so the cost to repeat is not cheap. 

"We know some of them come from homes that financially it's a struggle for them. We try to help out. That's why winning something like this really goes a long way for our players," Nusi Tukuafu said.

It was a voting contest that allowed these two programs this unique opportunity.

"The Red Raider nation, there is a lot of alumni out there and we have a lot of alumni support. Usually when you ask them something to do they are both feet, both hands into it," Tukuafu said.

"Once everyone found out about the contest we were all over it," Pulu said.

The match was supposed to be played in Las Vegas but Super Sevens, the organizer of the Million Dollar Scrum is going to get these two teams battle on Maui.

"Tension when we step on the field," Pulu said.

"We have always come out on top, I don't want to say it's going to be a walk in the park. They are going to fight for everything they are playing for," Tukuafu said.

"Way more intense. We have played this team before but I think they are going to come with a lot more intensity this time," Taina Scott said.