Theaters across Hawaii and nationwide will soon be showing the story of Bethany Hamilton. The Kauai native surfer lost her arm in a run in with a shark back in 2003 and yes that film has already been made, but as KITV4 Island Sports Reporter Cody Krupp explains this one is different. 

The story of 13-year-old Bethany Hamilton has well been documented. An autobiography leading to a feature film in 2011 called Soul Surfer, and now eight years later the life of the Kauai native is set to hit the theaters again nationwide July 12th.

"I did not need easy, I just needed possible. Everyone was like what's it about you already shared your story?" Bethany Hamilton said.

A feature film was not the original plan.

"We had set out to make a docushort, like a 6-12 minute length mini film of me surfing," Hamilton said.

Hamilton is now 29 years old and a lot has happened over the years. The birth of her four year old son Tobias and then one year old Wesley.

"They love the ocean, they love surfing. Wesley is kind of young but he's stoked to get in the water with me. Tobias is surfing, he's ripping, he loves it. So fun to see him just get the stoke," Hamilton said.

Well balancing life she never stopped balancing herself on the surfboard.

"Now being a mom with two kids, I think I love surfing just as much as ever," Hamilton said.

As a wild card at the Fiji Women's Pro she beat the then six time world champion Stephanie Gilmore. In-between sets she followed that up by knocking out the number one women int he world Tyler Wright. A surprising third place finish and last year competed at the Maui Pro. She's ready for another crack at it.

"Had a really bad even at Honalua, I'm hoping to get into that event this year and redeem myself," Hamilton said.

First a July 12th appearance on the big screen. 

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