A power outage at Honolulu's airport paralyzed travel plans for hundreds of passengers Wednesday morning. Tempers and concerns flared after some travelers were forced to wait for hours.
Long security lines snaked around Terminal 1 as crews worked to restore electricity.
Power turned back on an hour later but some passengers were set back hours as Hawaiian Airlines personnel scrambled to catch up with the backlog.  

Passengers like Elena Miles who grew frustrated with airport officials after she says she waited hours to get a wheelchair.

"They had us wait on one side, go to the other side. We had to walk back-and-forth. They didnt know what they're doing. We paid for first class tickets and we got treated like we were low class. Pretty sad because that's a lot of money," said Miles.

It was an emotional experience for Donna Willard and her brother Hoku. She was worried massive lines would force him to miss his flight to San Diego.

"I was scared we couldn't get him on this connecting flight because for what we're dealing with that's kind of important. He just got some medical stuff that he's getting help with and we don't want him to miss the opportunity to receive that help," Willard explained.

Hawaiian delayed about a dozen of its flights to give passengers more time to get to the gate.  

According to the Department of Transportation, Hawaiian Electric crews were servicing the airport's electrical circuit when the outage occurred. DOT says power outages are rare at the airport and it dealt with the situation as efficiently as possible.

Hawaiian Electric crews inadvertently tripped a transmission line which affected Terminals 1 and 2.

HECO was able to restore power in three minutes on their end and Terminal 2 power was restored at that time.

"When you have to stop the security checkpoint process in full the terminal is going to have an impact. TSA agents were doing a very good job trying to process people there safely and quickly as possible," DOT spokesman Tim Sakahara said.

DOT reported a Securitas employee stuck inside an elevator during the outage suffered a panic attack. Paramedics transported the woman to the hospital.