A pro dream coming true today for an outfielder from Iolani School as Shane Sasaki was taken in the 3rd round 99th overall by the Tampa Bay Rays surrounded by his family. 

The timing couldn't couldn't have been more perfect. Both of his sisters now live on the mainland but were here for Shane's graduation this past Saturday and got to double dip with the draft just a few days later. The entire Sasaki family able to gather around the TV and see his dream come true as the 99th selection of the 2019 MLB Draft.

"I saw my name on the TV, I just couldn't move it was crazy. Something I dreamed about as a kid so when that happened it was like dreams coming true," Shane Sasaki said.

His parents already making plans to watch him play on the mainland.

"No question going to be the first there. Anything to support Shane," Keith Sasaki said, Shane's father.

After not hearing his named called on the first day of the draft he knew in day two there was going to be a very good shot of it happening.

"It was hard to sleep, anxious for that day. Waiting for this day my whole life," Shane said.

Right before it got underway it became more of a reality.

"My advisor called me and said you could possibly go in the third round. I was super hyped for that," Shane said.

A fantastic career at Iolani School, this season batted .565 and was rated the top prospect from Hawaii. Sasaki reached the radar of the Tampa Bay Rays right away. Specifically by a scout that had graduated from Aiea High School.

"They were one of the teams that was highly interested in me. When I was in 9th grade I knew one of the area scouts from Hawaii Casey Onaga. He would always talk to me and right now we're good friends," Shane said.

As the third round was getting underway the Rays made a phone call that would change his life. They told you we're going to take you with our pick in this round. He was set to take a baseball scholarship with Cal Poly but college is on hold, at least for now.

"Parents are definitely going to make me go back to school," Shane said.

"He will go to college after this, that makes me happy," Robin Sasaki said, Shane's mother.