Oscar Jimenez - A fifth child is dead while in United States custody at the southern border after traveling from Guatemala and being apprehended by U.S. authorities.

The boy was 16-years-old and at this time his cause of death is unknown. 

In a statement Customs and Border protection said:

"The men and women of U.S. Customs and Border Protection are saddened by the tragic loss of this young man and our condolences are with his family. CBP is committed to the health, safety, and humane treatment of those in our custody." 

However, border authorities have described the situation at the border as "not sustainable."

"We are trying deal with this crisis as close to the southwest border as we possibly can. That being said, the numbers are very large. We've apprehended over 540,000 people already," United States Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost said.

That is higher than any fear over the course of the past decade, surpassing full year totals in just a matter of months. 

So far, no long term solutions have emerged out of Washington.

"We have to address both the push factors from the sending countries. What's going on in those countries that's leading these families to want to leave and make that dangerous journey here, as well as the pull factors," Provost said.

An investigation is currently underway into how exactly the 16-year-old boy died, only about a week after being apprehended.