This week nearly 50 Hawaii high schools will hold their graduation ceremonies.

Prior to going, parents and friends will likely be looking for lei.

"It's just like non-stop," Reece Nakamoto Farinas of Beretania Florist said.

The demand is always there this time of year, as for the supply of flowers, the answer depends on who you ask.

"One of our growers came this morning, he didn't have any pikake, yeah. They only gave us pakalana and not too many too," Farinas said.

According to some local shops, local farmers have less flowers than they had last year, others say they have yet to see a difference.

One thing all of the shops we spoke with agreed upon, a "severe shortage" of maile lei because of two reasons.

The first reason, stricter inspections of plants shipped to Hawaii.

"They're strict and they've been getting stricter and we don't hold it against them but it can affect the supply and it has been affecting the supply," Farinas said. 

Beretania Florist has a limited supply of Maile lei in stock, all of them have already been ordered.

According to the florist, Hawaii's supply of the plant has dwindled on Hawaii Island due to last years Kilauea eruption that wiped out forests of Ohia trees which Maile grow on.

"It's a big gamble because you plan on getting all these maile in and it just goes gone and there's nothing you can do about it, we're out $20,000 to $25,000.