For many college football programs the off season is a prime time to make gain. That statement's much the same for the Rainbow Warriors. Sticking to their off season strength and conditioning program but perhaps the biggest gains they'll make are in the community as they team up with the U.S. Army to put on the 3rd annual Hawaii Youth Impact Program. 

When August football camp comes around they are known as UH football players but for two weeks in June it's a different name they go by.

"First week everyone was like coach- coach, I was like who are these kids talking to and I'd turn around, look at them, and be like oh of course," Kaimana Padello said, a senior Rainbow Warrior

"Don't really realize they are a coach or that they are a big inspiration to us," Sky Demhanisi said, a returning camper. 

For those like senior captain J.R. Hensley, it's a responsibility he doesn't take lightly.  

"It's incredible, it's a surreal feeling, especially for someone finishing up my college career here. I'm very excited to one day have a family and have children of my own and be there for them. It's really rewarding," Hensley said, a senior Rainbow Warrior.

Whether it's in the short term.

"I think it helps me create bonds with these kids, I've seen some of them at other football camps and they will be like ohh whats up coach, I'll be like whats up-- orange dream-- best team that ever came through," Padello said.

Or the long term.

"Being able to develop a bond like that with someone like him, it's great," Hensley said.

Every minute Sky gets to spend with his role model J.R., it is an impact that will stand the test of time.

"He's like a big brother to me, he's taught me so much, he's taught me how to find the good and bad in situations. Taught me how to smile when things are going bad," Demhanisi said.