HONOLULU - In the early days of YouTube Christine Gambito, also known as Happy Slip, entertained Filipino fans around the world with videos featuring characters based on her family and friends.

More than a decade later, she's taking her first ever stand up tour across the country and she’s making a stop right here in Hawaii for two dates only.

Gambito joined Maleko McDonnell on Good Morning Hawaii who asked if she ever got into trouble for making fun of her family and friends.

“No that’s the thing is people go 'are your family members offended' and they’re the ones that would request for me to get up in front of the family and 'oh imitate so and so, your mom, your Aunty, your cousin all dis.' You know so no it’s never got me in trouble in fact they’re all 'I know that’s me your portraying there.' So they take pride in it," said Gambito.

Gambito plays Saturday, May 18 at UH Manoa’s Kennedy Theatre at 8pm and on Sunday, May 26 at Iao Theatre on Maui at 7pm.