Bank of America says if the iPhone stops being made in China, due to the trade war, it will cost consumer up 20 percent more.

That would put the cost of the XS to $1,142.

Workers that make iPhones in China start at $3.15 an hour, according to the New York Times.

A judge says the FDA must start regulating electronic cigarettes.

The ruling says the agency shirked its legal duty when it postponed reviewing all U.S. vaping products by several years.

Child advocate groups say the lack of FDA oversight has led to an explosion in underage vaping by teenagers, threatening to hook a generation of Americans on nicotine.

Young seniors -- those ages 65 to 74 -- are reporting better health than they were 15 years ago, but are also engaging in higher rates of unhealthy behaviors. That's according to the United Health Foundation.

It says Hawaii ranks as the top state in senior care.

Hawaii ranks first due a low prevalence of obesity among adults 65 and older, and a high prevalence of arthritis management programs at 60%. The state struggles with high rates of excessive drinking among young seniors and low volunteerism.

Hawaiian Airlines is hiring in Phoenix.

The airline has an information technology center there. It expects to hire more than 100 it professionals for its Phoenix technology center.

Combined with the over 250-person Honolulu technology center, Hawaiian Airlines will develop solutions that enhance and transform its operations.