Both the Hawaii Pacific men's and women's tennis teams are NCAA Tournament bound once again after winning their West Regional matches this week. They are no stranger to success and their head coaches certainly are strangers. It's a family atmosphere between the two programs, both in spirit and legally speaking.

Two of the winningest college tennis programs in the entire country. The Hawaii pacific men's team were the 2016 national champions with 12 NCAA Tournament appearances in the last 13 years. On the women's side 21 straight trips to the NCAA Tournament and five out of the last six years cracking the top four. Leading the way is a husband and a wife

"Some people laugh at us when they come in our office because we share a little space and sit back to back. They are like why are you sitting back to back, we can't look at each other all day-- like what are we going to talk about when we get home," Head Coach of the Lady Sharks Lauren Conching said.

Experiences they get to go through together

"The biggest part of it is we both get to understand what the other one is going through," Head Coach of the Sharks Henrik Bode said.

When one wins they both win.

"Pure joy, I'm going to have good day today, obviously Lauren is," Bode said.

On the flip side able to help each other get back up when times get tough.

"We've experienced some amazing highs with our job, and some really sad moments with our job and we know it, we know what each other is going through," Conching said.

Nothing wrong with a little push into the winning direction.

"Set our goals fairly high and we just try to push each other a little bit and sometimes it can turn into a little bit of competition which I think is good," Bode said.

Also balancing the tennis with parent hood and their four year old daughter has become a special part of this team. 

Going to be a tennis player?

"I don't think she has a choice," Bode said.

"Going to be a great tennis player or going to hate tennis we're not sure yet," Conching said.