Rough surf on Maui this weekend sent two separate people in two different spots to the hospital.

A six-year-old girl is recovering Monday morning after a frightening few moments in the water.

Maui County Fire officials say she was swimming at a Kaupo Beach and got rolled around in large surf, hitting her head. 

A family member ran in and pulled her out before rescuers arrived and checked her for spinal damage. 

Paramedics later took her to the hospital.

Plus, fire officials say a 27-year-old man was at Big Beach when he was injured by a large shorebreak. 

Lifeguards say they warned him about the dangerous surf, but he still went body boarding, and went over the falls of an eight foot wave. 

He hurt his back and needed the lifeguard's help to get out. 

Paramedics also took him to the hospital.