PALO ALTO, Calif. - The University of Hawaii Women's Water Polo team playing the University of California Golden Bears in the NCAA championship quarterfinals in California.

The team has had a rough couple of days. Wednesday night, thieves broke into two of the team's vans in Palo Alto, California and stole passports, computers, cameras, and equipment.

UH Athletics Director David Matlin values the stolen property at up to $10,000, but says the school is thankful no one got hurt. 

One of the player's parents says the students also lost one other valuable thing. 

"They're students, so they had their schoolwork in there, they're taking finals on the road. So now, they're not just out with their equipment for the game, they're out school stuff that they need to complete their finals," said Ellygra Dilalla, the mother of one teammate.

School officials are scrambling to make sure the student athletes whose passports were stolen can return home.