The Rainbow Warrior volleyball program says goodbye to it's four seniors who leave as the winningest class in program history with 90 over their career. This year alone they were only the 3rd team to take this program to the NCAA Championship match while at one point riding a record 25-straight match win streak. Also maintained the number one ranking in the nation for five straight weeks, and an NCAA record 74 set win streak.

"Couldn't be more proud of our guys and what they have done to elevate our program. Brought our community together in a way few have. Very few teams have been able to do stuff like that like that. Really powerful to see an entire state get behind a group of young men that have worked so hard, really impressive group of young men that are going to represent our community for the rest of their lives in a way that is going to bring pride an distinction. Everyone will look fondly on this group of men there is no question," Rainbow Warrior Head Coach Charlie Wade said.

"I'm going to miss it because of these guys every single day I spend with these guys. Some days we'll all be sleeping at each others place. Next is obviously everybody's who is involved in the program and then the fans and everybody who helps inspire us and inspire the program," Senior setter Joe Worsley said.