HONOLULU - Continuing coverage now on the humane society controversy that KITV4 brought you first last week. On Sunday, animal welfare advocates made signs and drummed up support ahead of a planned protest at the animal shelter on Monday.

They are up-in-arms over what they call the lack of action from the Hawaiian Humane Society's board of directors. Nearly two weeks ago on February 4, the group People For Animals First complained to the board that the humane society euthanizes too many adoptable animals, and has a toxic work environment. 

They are asking the board to fire CEO Lisa Fowler and launch an independent investigation into euthanasia and corporate policies at the Society. The board has denied those allegations and said it would look into the claims.

Tara Char, who regularly donated to the Hawaiian Humane Society until these allegations came out, was at the preparation meeting on Saturday and said, "There are dozens of complaints against Lisa Fowler, going all the way back to when she was running the Big Island Humane Society! My friends and I work really hard to re-home every animal we can on Oahu and it breaks my heart that I have contributed to the killings of adoptable animals."

Hawaiian Humane Society board chairman Bob Armstrong said, "There were a lot of accusations there [in the complaint packet] and we are looking into them, but the board is 100% behind the leadership and the working people who are here."

People for Animals First plans to hold a "Rally for Truth" on Monday at 11 a.m. in front of the Hawaiian Humane Society at 2700 Waialae Avenue. The group is a collective of former and current employees and volunteers of the Hawaiian Humane Society and community animal welfare advocates and groups. "The grassroots effort aims to bring forward concerns about the practices and management of the Hawaiian Humane Society and to spark the change necessary to save the animal shelter and ensure a better future for Oahu’s animals," describes its mission statement.

It also started an online petition calling for the CEO's removal. That petition has more than 1,100 signatures as of Sunday night.