Collapsed seawall in the ocean and rusted railings is what you see at Waimanana Bridge in Hauula next to a busy Kamehameha highway. Some say it's a dangerous situation that's becoming more hazardous every day.

"Right now there's a large gaping hole in the right side of the structure heading north all the way up to though white line straight through. No concrete slab under, the asphalt has cracked," Derrick Pressley, a Hauula resident, said. 

He's worried the road will give way and someone could get hurt. Part of a wall was in place as recently as two years ago, there was even a small beach eight years ago, which shows how quickly it has been eroding away. 

"This roadway is just a major concern to all of us here especially on high tide, water splashes up from the ocean through the opening in the roadway and it continues to hold the guardrails down," Pressley said. 

He started a petition on, hoping lawmakers and the State Department of Transportation will start repairs before the highway collapses. 

"What really like to see is the guard rail put back in place. The retaining wall is only temporary put back to protect the only roadway we have," Pressley said. 

State Senator Gil Riviere passes by the area frequently. He agrees the entire section of highway needs a makeover. 

"Those bridges, some of them are 80 or 90 years old now so there are long overdue for repair and the Department of Transportation has a backlog of projects," Riviere said. 

While the DOT couldn't tell KITV when this build would be fixed, there is a $11.5 million project listed from the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization to replace the bridge in the next five years but residents are concerned relief isn't coming fast enough.

"We love the ocean views but this roadway is just a major concern to all of us here," Pressley said.