Mom power, with a pair of legs that create peak power on the track. Balancing motherhood, and being a division one athlete is no easy task for Raion Black.
KITV-4 Island Sports Reporter Cody Krupp has the story of this Rainbow Wahine stand-out sprinter who has not let that stop her from accomplishing every goal she set since stepping foot on campus nearly 6-years ago.

It didn't take long for UH track star Raion Black to leave her mark here in her senior year. The Ewa Beach native blazed out of the blocks this weekend to a new 60M school record, but the path of getting there was anything but normal for this mother of two.

"Having them made me push even harder," Raion Black said.

Back at Christian Academy, Black was a 5-time state champion including both the 100M and 200M her junior and senior years. As a freshman Rainbow Wahine she already started working up the record books with the 3rd fastest time in 60M school history. Life changes in her sophomore year after giving birth to her baby boy Ezekiel. 

Took a year off and was back on the track in 2016. Then her second boy came named Elijah. 2017 she took some time off to be with her family of course, and in 2018 back on the track again showing signs of her old skill. In the early part of the 2019 season, she already crossed off a bucket list goal with a school record. 

"It didn't really hit me until I saw who I beat out, there was a girl I couldn't beat in high school at all. To be able to accomplish that my senior year felt pretty good. The lessons that I always wanted to teach my kids regardless. You never stop me from getting to where I want to be," Raion Black said.

"So here we are six years later and she has all these experiences. About to graduate, go to grad school, and running as fast as she ever has. As fast as any women in our program," Tim Boyce said. 

Whats your goal?

"Take down some more records," Black said.