HONOLULU - Golf fans are getting a glimpse of their favorite stars.

Teams of professional and amateur golfers teed off Tuesday morning for the official Pro-Am. 

One of the amateurs -- Spiderman! Actor Tom Holland who plays the superhero in Sony's "Spiderman Homecoming" teamed up with Jordan Spieth.

It takes about 1,700 volunteers to make the event happen -- one group of ladies who help out, are known as the 'Bama Belles. They've been flying in from Alabama to volunteer here for the past 24 years. 

"Giving back is my favorite thing to do," said Joy Parker, Volunteer from Alabama. "The pros, they appreciate us so much, they always say thank you for what you're doing, and it just makes you feel good. Your heart just tingles with the appreciate they feel."

Admission to the Sony Open is $25-dollars.

You can find parking at Hunakai Park down the road and take a shuttle to the country club.

The winner of the Sony Open will be crowned on Sunday.