KAPOLEI, Hawaii - Exercise does a body good. That's why doctors say everyone, especially older adults, should work out at least a few times a week, to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. 

A Kapolei grandfather took that advice two years ago and says it's made all the difference in his life. Retiree Joe Page and his wife Gretchen view workout time as part of their overall health.

Joe found the gym in 2016, after suffering from back problems. "I wanted to do something that would improve my overall strength and flexibility," he says. "I had a bad bout of sciatica. It was painful. I was in pain all the time."

Gretchen, a former doctor, knew they had to do something. "He couldn't lift the grandchildren. We have two small grandchildren on the island. It was hard."

They joined Orangetheory Fitness Kapolei, which says a quarter of its clients are seniors. Trainer Adrian Meelarp explains that exercise helps with "aging well, functional movements. We work on functional movements every day- squatting, standing, reaching."

The Pages come here twice a week, an hour at a time. Joe says it took about two months for him to notice a real difference with his back. "We've been able to enjoy things a lot more."

Gretchen testifies, "I saw his health really improve and his strength improve."

Meelarp smiles, "They're going to be able to play with their grandkids, travel the world, because they're fit and they feel good."

A little fitness, a lot of fun- that's how the Pages say they are aging well.