MILILANI, Hawaii - A 100-year-old old Mililani man is jumping into his second century of life with as much gusto as his first century. Retired Army paratrooper Paul Olivas looks and acts like a much younger man, and he shares his secret for aging well.

When Paul Olivas turned 100 on August 22, he jumped out of a perfectly good plane. A leap of faith - that life will continue to bring joy. "[Friends] said, 'What you doing next year?' I said, 'God willing, I make another jump.'"

The former Army paratrooper jumped into Normandy on D-Day in 1944. Master Sgt. Olivas retired after 30 years and three wars: World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam.

The Army brought him to Hawaii, where he and his wife of 68 years, Magdalena, raised a son, Edward. Magdalena died earlier this year. 

He's alone now, but not lonely. "I get up in the morning with a positive attitude," he says.

Advice from the guy who served in the 101st Airborne Division: "Don't sit in the chair a long time. You get chair-borne."

So he gets out and tinkers with his cars. "This is my baby," he purrs over a shiny red Mustang that he cleans daily, shows off at car shows, and sometimes takes for a spin. 

"It's a 1964 1/2 289," Olivas says. "A perfect, beautiful car. I feel real young when I go out and drive it."

Olivas' secret to living a long, healthy life is have a hobby. Taking care of his Mustang is his- and he just got his license renewed!

"I'm good for 2 more years baby!" he cheers.

So look for him on the road. Or in the sky. Or just... out somewhere. Because, he reminds people, "you gotta get out and move."