KAKAAKO, Hawaii - There's no such thing as a magic pill that cures all, but there is something doctors think comes kind of close. It's a compound called astaxanthin that the National Institute of Aging is looking at, as the best way to fight aging- and a Hawaii team led the study.

Could the cure for aging be under this microscope? Dr. Rich Allsopp at the University of Hawaii's John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) is studying causes and cures for aging. "Chronic inflammation appears to be a driving force that drives many causes of aging," he says.

He and research partner Dr. Brad Willcox found a compound that seems to fight aging. "One of the most impressive compounds we've come across so far is astazanthin," Dr. Willcox states.

They say it reduces inflammation. They tested it on mice. When given to them, astazanthin activated their Fox 03 gene. That is the gene responsible for anti-aging.

Doctors Willcox and Allsopp say a Hawaii firm, Cardax Inc., is one of the few in the world making health supplements using astazanthin. Cardax president and CEO David G. Watumull elaborates, "To our knowledge we are the only company in the world using nature-identical synthetic astaxanthin in a dietary supplement. All others use microalgal extracts. We believe while our product has superior purity, precision, and scalability the most important advantage we have is absorption. In a head to head comparison with a leading microalgal astaxanthin competitor, Bioastin, our product ZanthoSyn had almost three times better absorption than BioAstin- meaning  ZanthoSyn delivered almost three times more astaxanthin to the blood stream than BioAstin."

Watumull describes his customer base: "We have everyone from athletes, elderly, middle aged, people who are under stress, people working out a lot, people who want to slow the aging process."

He explains more about the compound's role in national studies, saying, "The National Institute of Aging (NIA), one of the National Institutes of Health, chose a proprietary astaxanthin compound patented by Cardax called CDX-085, as a top anti-aging prospect. CDX-085 is currently undergoing further anti-aging evaluation at the NIA as part of its Interventions Testing Program, a rigorous research program that looks at the ability of three to four top anti-aging prospects per year to impact the chronic diseases of aging as well as aging itself."

While a health supplement isn't the only answer, these two doctors say it is a piece of the puzzle. They also remind people to eat well, reduce stress, and exercise. Dr. Brad Willcox sums, "Our goal is to get you aging slower, living longer, being healthier."