KANEOHE, Hawaii - A Kaneohe woman who turns 93 on July 29 says her secret to aging well is balancing exercise, diet, and faith. Rita Figueira has an open attitude towards life that's brought her around the world and exposed her to many new hobbies and experiences.

Figueira enjoys her daily soda as part of her routine that includes a fun list of indulgences: "Ice cream, candy, and soda. Pepsi Cola!"

To balance that, she also has healthier habits. "Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I go to 24 Hour Fitness from 4 to 5 a.m., and I go to mass every morning because I had a miracle in church."

And she really does have a nutritious diet. Sort of. "I love salad. I have a salad every day, and I love Zippy's chili with beans."

Hobbies round out her day. "I love plants, I love outside. When I see one bloom, it makes me feel happy."

Figueira doesn't take herself too seriously. "I always say, Hang loose! That's what I tell everybody. Ha ha."

Figueira brushes off compliments about her longevity, but loved ones say her attitude towards life keeps her youthful.

Becky Westfall, Rita's daughter-in-law, says, "She has a good sense of spirituality and faith, and that fits into her gardening, Earth, what it means; plus, she likes things of beauty. Her openness is wonderful with strangers, newcomers, and friends."

As her Chaminade University college degree proves, Figueira doesn't let age dictate her choices. "She got her BA when she was 60, I believe," remarks Westfall. Figueira, sitting nearby, confirms this- and adds it took her about a decade to earn it.

Figueira also handles setbacks with grace- and faith. About that miracle earlier? She was devastated by her son Chris' cancer diagnosis. The devout Catholic was in church one day when "all of a sudden I saw a big box come down from the ceiling and filled me with a peace I've never known, and from that moment on, I've not worried about my son."

He's OK, and so is she. For her 93rd birthday on July 29, she promises to have cake, ice cream, Pepsi, and to keep hanging loose. Happy birthday!