A Maili man's love for the ocean fueled his passion to build custom boards that fit surfers to a T. The shaper is keen on perfecting each and every detail.

"When I'm shaping, I'm rubbing my hands across it I need to feel the depths of the valley of them taking out too much or if sometimes there's imperfections in the blank," Jason Vendetta, surfer/shaper said. 

Vendetta is living his dream.

What started out as a hobby in his parent's garage turned into a full fledged business. 

"Lotta satisfaction and gratification when you create something with your hands, a functional piece of art and it actually works, it's an awesome feeling," Vendetta said. 

He launched his company, Vendetta Surfboards in 2012.

The skilled waterman believes shapers that surf bring in a whole new element to crafting boards.

His process starts with asking clients where they'll do most of their surfing.

If it's in the winter up on the North Shore, the strength and silhouette of the board are crucial.  

"Powerful waves coming in really fast and heading very shallow reefs... Boards will have more curve so they can fit into the shape of the wave," Vendetta said. 

Vendetta says it differs if customers opt to use it in the summer on the south shore, that's when he'll shape boards to be flatter and thicker.
His small business allows him to focus on boards strictly made to order. Something he takes pride in. He still can't believe his shaping dreams came true. 

"That's the top of the echelon in the surfboard manufacturing business," he said. 

That's made in Hawaii.