KAILUA, Hawaii - Satisfying tiny tummies is what it's all about at Healthy Baby Hawaii. 

The Kailua baby food company was kick started by best friends Aly Akina and Nicole Dodson. They're on a mission to mix up the freshest, most nutritious grinds for tiny tots. 

"We want it to be easy, we want to make life easier. Life is tough, parenting is hard. We wanted to be convenient and easy and want to provide you a peace of mind to feature keiki the best that you possibly can," Akina said. 

All of their products start from scratch each week- using a wide array of veggies and fruits. 

"We try to use as much local as possible. We use all organic, fresh organic for our baby food... We just try and support local," Dodson said. 

Moms themselves, Aly and Nicole wanted to make sure they were providing their own babies meals loaded with nutrients. Blending up food at home for their kids eventually motivated the duo to launch a business. 

"It was a lot of conceptualizing coming up with recipes. Really just finding what's local and fresh and what's available so we can change and adapt recipes each week... We normally flash steam or just boil until the ingredients are just tender enough," Akina said. 

Akina says most store-bought foods are cooked at such high temperatures that all nutrients are lost and becomes fiber. 

Their lengthy list of baby nom noms range from healthy snacks to jarred delicacies that vary depending on what produce is available. 

Some of their best sellers: Carrot Mango Quinoa and Apple Beet, which happens to be little Henry's favorite. 

For Meagan Soderholm, feeding her son fresh food is priceless.

"I know that they're both moms and they want the best for their babies so that helps. They're making strong babies with this fresh food," Soderholm said.

On Sunday's, you'll find Healthy Baby Hawaii at the Kailua Town Farmer's Market. Customers can also request to have meals delivered fresh each week. 

At the end of the day, it's all about what's best for baby. 

That's Made in Hawaii.