HONOLULU - AAUW Honolulu is offering female undergraduate and graduate students in Hawaii the opportunity to take part NCCWSL - AAUW's national leadership conference held in Maryland, from May 30 to June 2, 2018.

The scholarship will include registration, airfare, hotel accommodations and a travel stipend. NCCWSL helps female undergraduate and graduate students develop and strengthen a voice, skill set, and mind-set for leadership and they learn how, why, and when to take action and be an agent for change.

AAUW Honolulu executives say the conference will help participants gain a better understanding of local, national, and global issues and policies affecting women and own their own identities; better understand their role in supporting diverse voices and supporting them; and build a professional tool kit for postgraduate life.

For more information, visit https://honolulu-hi.aauw.net/nccwsl-scholarship/. For more information about NCCWSL, visit https://www.nccwsl.org