WAIKIKI - Polynesian-inspired SpaHalekulani is now an official member of Green Circle Salons, a Canadian organization pioneering sustainable solutions for repurposing, recycling, and capturing salon and spa waste. It's the first and only spa in Hawaii to be recognized by this group.

“With a joint mission to create positive social and environmental change, reduce our carbon footprint and promote eco-friendly salon practices, SpaHalekulani is a natural fit and partner of Green Circle Salons,” says Kamala Nayeli, Director of SpaHalekulani. “We at SpaHalekulani are proud to advance our commitment to the wellness of both our guests and our environment.”

Green Circle Salons members dispose of all products including hair clippings, color tubes, color foils, wax, chemicals, electronics, paper, plastic, and glass in an eco-efficient manner to avoid contributing to landfill waste. Representatives of Green Circle Salons also trained SpaHalekulani employees on how to properly separate materials for collection.

With over 1,500 member salons across North America, Green Circle Salons teaches members how to make green changes to their operations by introducing practices such as LED lighting, renewable energy, organic tea and coffee, eco-friendly cleaning products, and installing water preservation faucets. Green Circle Salons, which was formed in 2009, diverts waste from landfill spaces in every Canadian province and 48 states in the US and has the capacity to service every zip and postal code in North America.